Back to School Diva Shopping

by Harley May

When I was a child, the return of each school year meant a few things, but the most exciting for me was Back to School shopping. The clothes, the book bags, lunch boxes and notebooks…I enjoyed all of it. And by “enjoyed” I mean, “I was a major pill” about all of it.

Considering what I put my mother through, it would only be fair that I spawn a bull-headed child with firm opinion and fashion senses. My first born is a little less opinionated. His fashion sense has most to do with what’s comfortable.

“Why can’t I wear jammies to school? And another collared shirt? Those itch!” If allowed, he’d wear pajamas everywhere. I can relate to comfort-motivated attitudes. I hated wearing dresses and brushing my hair and was the opposite of a girly-girl. If given an option between two dresses as a little girl, I’d pick death first.

The greatest kind of irony is the kind that gives me a daughter who is Queen Diva Extraordinaire.  My 1st grade daughter has a few more criteria in what she wants to wear:

1.)    “Does the skirt twirl? We have to do a twirl test.” Blue jeans and shorts are always too itchy, too tight, or two short, so we stick with skirts and dresses. Regular skirts won’t do. They. Must. TWIRL.

2.)    “There isn’t enough pink here.” Pink is crucial. While going down the road, she’ll start to tell me a story, “So…then Angelica shared the blue paint with Ethan and they broke the bunny sponge and OH MY GOSH. DO YOU SEE THAT PINK CAR OVER THERE? MOM. MOM. DO YOU SEE IT? WE SHOULD GET ME THAT.” Pink to my daughter is like “SQUIRRELL” to a dog. The clothes have to have a little pink.

3.)    “This doesn’t have a pony, kitten, puppy dog, princess or a unicorn on it. Even a ninja girl will do.” Never have I ever felt so loved as I do on the day I brought home a t-shirt with a kitten on it. I know, I know. I shouldn’t try to buy her affection. But it’s so easy.

4.)    “I have to see how all of these outfits looks with the shoes.” Are you frightened? I am. I plan on running away before her teen years. As an adult I’ve grown to appreciate shoes more and in great part to my daughter. My favorite item of clothing is a pair of Fight Club-inspired stilettos, but I look at them as a treat. I try shoes on for fun, not to buy. Girlfriend will spend all morning trying on shoes and want to walk away with at least three pairs. To her credit, she’s willing to work for them. She will go home and clean like a fiend if it means I’ll pay her extra allowance for shoes.
Yes, she is a picky dresser. But I’m thankful she doesn’t care what all the other kids are wearing. Quite often the clothes she picks out are unique and her own style. I’ve decided that she’ll help keep me stylish in an age-appropriate way. The last time we went shopping together she picked out a shirt for me that wasn’t at all something I’d pick up off the rack, but I can be a good sport and thought I’d at least give it ago. And as it turned out, it looked nice on me.

So, if anyone needs their floors scrubbed, let me know. My daughter would like both the pink AND purple Converse shoes for school this year. 

Photo credit: aliexpress.com


  1. If she'll do bathrooms, I'll throw in unicorn-covered socks to go with the shoes. ;)

  2. I too had an easy going son who wore whatever I bought on sale and a super picky daugher that refused to wear jeans because they were too stiff. So she lived in leggings until one day after I bought her all these leggings, she decided she no longer liked leggings, she only wanted jeans!

  3. Our daughters should meet. Both first graders with the same fashion criteria. :)

  4. Thanks for reading and commenting, ladies!

    I live in fear of her teen years.

  5. JEALOUS! My daughter will have the difficult choice of grey one piece dress or grey skirt with equally boring white polo top? I would kill for a twirly skirt and Converse shoes.


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