Austentatious Haiku

by Patti Wigington

Truth universal
Such passion might pollute the
Shades of Pemberley

Persuaded by Bath
Love found, lost and found again
Her words pierce his soul

Dark gothic abbey
“Mysteries of Udolpho”
Hearts joined in ruins

Matchmaker matching
Finds herself undone by her
Own willful spirit

Sisters three, one young,
One says too much, one speaks not,
Many mixed signals

Poor girl, country house
Sharp social commentary
Love is right next door

Curled up quietly
Cat in lap, coffee in hand,
So lost in Austen


Cat Haiku

by Steve Barber
If dogs can have their Haiku, it's only fair that cats get a shot at it too. Theirs, of course, would be...different. Like this:

You have allergies?
Cats have dander. Deal with it.
Now go bring my food.

The plans are in place
To overthrow the humans.
But first I must nap.

I shall bring dead things
And leave them on your pillow.
'Cause that's what cats do.


Telework: A Haiku

by John Banusiewicz

Teleworking rocks,
And not just because it means
Pants without belt loops.

Working in bare feet
With no buttons on my shirt
Definitely helps.

And when the commute
Means just walking down the stairs,
I can handle that.

Focusing on work
Isn’t an issue at all.
It’s very quiet.

Who could ask for more?
With all the comforts of home,
I have it made, right?

But the small pockets
Of down time my work provides
Are my undoing.

The walk to the fridge
Is twenty-two steps, round-trip.
Damn those Klondike Bars.

Golden Oreos
Go nicely with Klondike Bars,
And they’re right nearby.

And I won’t even
Discuss my relationship
With potato chips.

Elastic waitsbands
Aren’t only for my comfort.
They’re necessary.


Besties, Beasties and Frenemies: Oh My!

by Beth Bartlett

Doesn’t mind late calls
Refills your wine while you vent
Honey Badger cares.

Makes fun of your shoes
Even Jimmy Choos on sale
Cougars are vicious.

Drunk-dialing your ex
New girlfriend answers the phone.
Snap! Barracuda!

Long neck, stretchy pants
Hears all the gossip, stays mum
Giraffe’s got your back

Mishap avoided;
Turkey knows just what to do.
Put down the hot wax.

What’s white, black and red?
Zebra after dirty jokes
And margaritas.


Going a Little HAIKU-KOO

By Kathy Tirrell

Dump out stuff in purse,
Fish through pockets, dig through trash.
Keys found in the fridge!

Traffic lights, stop signs,
Allergy eyes, big, bright zit.
RED things drive me nuts!

Son wails on guitar,
Husband brings iPad to bed.
Think I’ll sleep outdoors!

Kathy Tirrell sometimes goes a little cuckoo over things that happen in life, but tries to find the humor in it all.  You can check out some of her observations on “It Bloggles the Mind.”


Haiku For You

By Lisa Dovichi

4ft's creations
Some things shouldn't be on bread
*Shudders* The horror.

Ran out of stickers
Art project needs enhancement
Bandaids for the win.

Lisa lives in Livermore, CA with her husband and three children. She works from home as an artist and web designer. In her dwindling spare time she changes diapers, experiments with food, is a sucker for DIY projects, and watches bad movies on Monday night with her husband. To get more Lisa visit: www.meltingbeforeyoureyes.blogspot.com.


Ode to My New House

by Melanie Hooyenga

New house, I love thee.
Every arch and creaky step
Whispers "Welcome home."

Tumbling down the stairs,
I remind myself how much
I love you, new house.

Windows that won’t budge
In the grip of August’s heat
Test my new-found love.

The cobweb-covered
Basement tests this love further,
But my love stays strong.

I have my life’s dream
And won’t let this love falter.
(At least ‘til it snows.)

Melanie Hooyenga is a graphic designer by day and Haiku-writing fool while stopped at red lights (good thing they’re short). She has a neglected haiku blog, Hoo Can Haiku, which features the talents of several Ermas. She recently bought her first home and is chronicling her adventures in first-time home-ownership at melaniehoo.com/hoosblog. You can also follow her randomness at @melaniehoo.


Bag-For-A-Buck Romance Book-ku

By Terri Coop

It's no secret that I like going to book sales.

Sometimes you find the raw material for dreams.

Many thanks to literary agent Janet Reid and her outrageous book poetry contest.

Terri Lynn Coop would give the local library $10 a year just to be able to go in and look at the books. It's way better when they let her bring her handtruck and take a bunch home. She is a practical dreamer who writes articles about everything from law to the history of pink fuzzy dice when not hacking away at her novel.


Kitchen ‘Ku-Boom

by Beth Bartlett

Fire extinguisher
Tops off the soufflé with foam
Mmmmm, creamy goodness.

Helpful kitchen tip:
Burned cookies make great trivets
And they last for years.


Summer Refrain

By Sara Spock

sprinkler soaks a sun-
drenched lawn while muddy feet squish
blades between their toes

eyes sparkle through paths
of forest shade while grubby
fingers reach for slugs

ice cream melts down a
dimpled chin while sugar highs
crash through toddler brains

~Sara Spock is a Mom, Wife, Penn State Graduate, Substitute Teacher, Freelance Writer, and Chocolate Addict.  When she’s not reveling in the summer-time highs and lows, Sara can be found over at The Hero Complex where she tries to save the world, one. recipe. at. a. time.


August Haikus

By Jason Tudor


Down the dark canal
Caught by friendly waiting hands
Yea! It’s my birthday!


In roars the lion
Thunderous gold jungle king
But you’re a Pisces


Fickle summer’s touch
Parches throats, scorches thin skin
Stay a bit longer?


Domestic Bliss

by  Carole Lee

Coffee can empty
Stale cereal, and no milk
Going back to bed

Filtered H2O
Personalized “Fido” dish
Drinks from toilet

Sweep, mop, wash, dry, fold
Pick up doggie toys (again)
How much do maids charge?

Fire alarm sounding
Smoke and charred remains brought forth
Supper is ready

Shuffle off to bed
Snuggle up with pillow talk
Notice spouse snoring


Dog Haiku

Dogs are creatures of few words. How few? Well, none, actually. But if they could speak I'm convinced they'd do it in Haiku.

Perhaps something like this:
You know how I do
Disgusting things with my tongue?
Let me lick your face.

I left a present,
Well, not really a present,
On your bathroom rug.

No, it's not my fault.
I begged you to take me out.
Hope you stepped in it.

Steve Barber lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with Hunny and Tilly the Wonder Dog who just went three straight days without going on the carpet. Hunny's good about that too. Steve's currently working on convincing himself to get back to working on a bunch of half finished short stories. He just may do it, too.


Anything you haiku, I haiku better.

By Stacey Graham

Distracted shopping -
Went to Target with five girls,
returned with jock strap

And because no haiku post is complete without one about zombies:

Hills full of children,
laughing as they glide down slopes:
zombies make great sleds!