Ode to My New House

by Melanie Hooyenga

New house, I love thee.
Every arch and creaky step
Whispers "Welcome home."

Tumbling down the stairs,
I remind myself how much
I love you, new house.

Windows that won’t budge
In the grip of August’s heat
Test my new-found love.

The cobweb-covered
Basement tests this love further,
But my love stays strong.

I have my life’s dream
And won’t let this love falter.
(At least ‘til it snows.)

Melanie Hooyenga is a graphic designer by day and Haiku-writing fool while stopped at red lights (good thing they’re short). She has a neglected haiku blog, Hoo Can Haiku, which features the talents of several Ermas. She recently bought her first home and is chronicling her adventures in first-time home-ownership at melaniehoo.com/hoosblog. You can also follow her randomness at @melaniehoo.


  1. Ok, I actually cackled on haiku Number 2. LOL!

  2. What? Pulled a Hooey didn't fit the meter? :roll:

  3. #3 just puddled me right up . . .

    Great series!


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