Bag-For-A-Buck Romance Book-ku

By Terri Coop

It's no secret that I like going to book sales.

Sometimes you find the raw material for dreams.

Many thanks to literary agent Janet Reid and her outrageous book poetry contest.

Terri Lynn Coop would give the local library $10 a year just to be able to go in and look at the books. It's way better when they let her bring her handtruck and take a bunch home. She is a practical dreamer who writes articles about everything from law to the history of pink fuzzy dice when not hacking away at her novel.


  1. Why you clever thing, you. :D

    Great job.

  2. Excellent! And all Cartland, too. You rock!

  3. Thank you guys! It was the book poetry contest that got me started with this game, I love it.

  4. I love this!! WIth every cockle of my black little heart, I love it!


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