Telework: A Haiku

by John Banusiewicz

Teleworking rocks,
And not just because it means
Pants without belt loops.

Working in bare feet
With no buttons on my shirt
Definitely helps.

And when the commute
Means just walking down the stairs,
I can handle that.

Focusing on work
Isn’t an issue at all.
It’s very quiet.

Who could ask for more?
With all the comforts of home,
I have it made, right?

But the small pockets
Of down time my work provides
Are my undoing.

The walk to the fridge
Is twenty-two steps, round-trip.
Damn those Klondike Bars.

Golden Oreos
Go nicely with Klondike Bars,
And they’re right nearby.

And I won’t even
Discuss my relationship
With potato chips.

Elastic waitsbands
Aren’t only for my comfort.
They’re necessary.

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  1. If fridge locks won't work
    Try teleworking in town
    at vitamin stores?


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