An Experience to Remember

by Janna Qualman

It was said that we Ermas should, for this month, try something new. Step outside the box. Spread our funny little wings and then write about it. I accepted the challenge, and when pondering the full plethora of possibilities, one idea kept resurfacing: Internet dating.

What does "Internet dating" mean? I have no idea. But here's where I went with it, and why.

I was many years married, now some time divorced. I am largely content, because I have me and I have my two kids, a faboo family and network of friends, and some pretty rockin' work that keeps me busy. But then there are the moments when work is done, my kids are with their dad, when I am alone and don't entertain me enough. That leaves a little niggle of disappointment. Because I'm missing someone (of the opposite sex, yo) to connect with. You know?

Since I'm not typically the kind to go out in public where there are, like, people, and since I thrive on the interwebs, it made perfect sense for me to try the "romantic social networking site" sort of avenue. (It's not lame. It is not lame.) And what was the next step but to use my word skills and rely on my (cough) virtual charm to set up a profile. Which I did late one night when my brain was wired, my confidence was up, and all was right with the world.

I told myself, This doesn't have to be anything serious. Just a casual float in the sea, to see what kinds of fish happen to be around. Yeah?

So I did what all the lonely girls do. I listed the traits I look for. I talked about me, modestly. I uploaded one of my favorites pictures. I straight-up represented, and got a little more excited with each keystroke.

Then I neared the end of my effort, and up popped a window that said, “Your profile is being processed and will go LIVE within 24 hours.” Which made me panic, and in two seconds flat I deactivated the account.

So do I get credit for trying to try something new?

Janna Qualman juggles a lot of hats these days, which (sadly) don’t include that of a popular Internet dater.


  1. LOL You did good! And yes it counts for trying--I would have been just as nervous:))

  2. Lol, ok, I have to admit that this made me laugh! Only because I can picture this whole scenario...you confidently making your profile (which I bet was awesome, by the way) and then in a matter of seconds having a major freak out and running from the whole thing. If it makes you feel any better, I had all those same thoughts, and thought about canceling my profile almost everday (no exaggeration). But, the payoff for me standing my ground and having faith was HUGE! You can do it, girl! Put your line back out there and snag a good one!

  3. Down here in Texas we like to say "Go big or go home". To think outta the box, first you gotta scale those cardboard walls! I say hit restart, type it all back in, and go ahead on. What's the worst that can happen...you meet a guy?
    I will give an E for effort.

  4. Lol! Yep, baby steps count!
    I can completely relate. When I signed up for online dating the first time, the word ringing through my brain (even worse then your 'It's not lame') started with a PA and ended with THETIC.
    However, you might come to the same conclusion that I did: What's the worst that could happen? Meeting some new people (even if a few of them are weird),getting some free dinners, and maybe even kissing a few frogs. What's the best that could happen? Oh, I don't know...meeting the man of your dreams and living happily ever after? I think it's worth the risk!

  5. Ha, ha...baby steps I guess. There's always tomorrow and at least you still have that great picture to upload again. Kudos to you for trying. ;-)


  6. Thanks for the comments! And the encouragement. :)


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