Back to School

By Angie Mansfield

Last month, our head honcho, Stacey, asked us to try something new, and then post about it. Well, I didn't get a chance to post my something new last month, so I'm using my new editorial prerogative to use last month's theme this month. Hey, this job's gotta have SOME perks.

Anyway, last month I decided to get back into music after far too many years away. I played the clarinet in Junior High, and sang in the choir in high school, but haven't really made music in quite some time. Since my singing voice leaves much to be desired, and I no longer have a high school choir in which to hide it, I decided the music would have to come from an instrument. First, I bought a thing called an ocarina. Those of you with kids who've played Zelda (or who are fabulously geeky enough to have played it yourselves) may be familiar with ocarinas. Mine looks like this:

And it sounds like this:

(Or listen here.)

Which is all well and good, and it's kinda cool to have an instrument that's almost indestructible (because I'm a klutz) and that you can stick in a pocket and take everywhere (because I get bored easily). But the higher-key one (as you heard in the recording) is shrill enough to set dogs howling all over town when I play it. The lower-key one is more pleasant to the ears, but neither has much of a range of playable notes, limiting the amount of music one can enjoy with them.

I thought about going back to the clarinet, but they're, like, expensive and stuff. At least, if you want one that is actually playable. So I went for the next-best thing: A recorder.

Yes, the thing you played in grade school. Shut up. There are professional recorder players. I swear. Look 'em up on YouTube.

I got the recorder two weeks ago. Yesterday, friend and newest Erma Steve Barber informed us all that he has a new dog, and that her name is Matilda. So, this post has been my long-winded way of explaining why I recorded the following tune: To welcome his new furry addition to his home. Enjoy.

(Or listen here.)


  1. I played it for Matilda (AKA Tildy or for my writer friends Tilde). She immediately asked us to take her back to the Humane Society. Thanks a lot, Angie. Thanks a lot.


    1. Hey, I never promised it would be a GOOD rendition. :-P

  2. Too cool . . .

    (too lazy to sign out of work ID and back in as me)


    1. Thanks!

      And no worries...this just makes us look more like legitimate professionals. We're having actual journalistic organizations visit our site now! ;)


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