Duck, Duck, Shoes

By Janna Qualman

I was all set to write about ducks, because just look at these guys. Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Dave. (Dave says, “What’re you lookin’ at?”) They’re adorable, right?

I was going to tell you they have a sort of peace about them. And that their personalities are hilarious. And that they poo a lot. Which is noteworthy, should you decide to run to the nearest farm supply and scoop one up in your hands, and take it to your lovely home.

Anyway, I went to bed last night thinking about ducks, all feathery and fine, but I woke up thinking about Chucks*. Blue suede, One Star Chucks**. I had a pair I loved in high school. All leathery and fine, actually. And now that’s what’s on my mind.

Image credit: paulprescott72 / 123RF Stock Photo

Ducks and Chucks, you know? Like a duck wearing Chucks. Or a duck using a Chuck as a boat to float in. Chucks with ducks on them. Chucks whose toe looks like a duck’s no—um, bill. Chucks that are duck-yellow, or soft as feathers. Chucks made from feathers! Ducks dressed in leather. Leather Chucks. Ducks in bad weather. Chucks in bad weather. Ducks that quack or ducks that are quiet. Chucks that are quiet. They are sneakers. Sneaking up on a duck and yelling, “CHUUUUUCK!” That would be so funny.

Wait, what were we talking about again?

*True story. Isn’t a mind a puzzle sometimes?
**I think this particular style from the shoe line isn’t really called a Chuck, but you know, ducks and Converse don’t even rhyme.

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  1. So fun! My son wants a duck. Maybe I'll just buy him a pair of Converse. Do you think it will work??

  2. Shoes poop less. It's worth a shot!


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