I'm an Erma, she's an Erma, he's an Erma. Wouldn't you like to be an Erma too?

An Army of Ermas Summer Contest!

We're looking for a few good Ermas to join our family but here's the catch. Can you grab us in a paragraph? Keep it short, keep it snappy, make the Ermas fans laugh and you're in like Flynn. Send your (up to) 250 word column to anarmyofermas@gmail.com and I'll post them on the facebook fan board under the Discussions tab.

Fans will be able to vote for their favorites on July 6th at the poll on this website. The top two will be invited to join An Army of Ermas with all the high fallutin'ness that comes with it. We're looking for female/male writers with a focus on family (they do not need to be married nor parents), life, goofy stuff in general. Questions? Please write to the email address above. An Army of Ermas is a non-paying market.


  1. I am here checking you out from Something She Wrote's place :).

  2. Sounds fun! :)

    Hope you get some funny peeps!


  3. Oh man...I am not exactly a humor writer...but I'll check for the people who enter the contest for some laughs!


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