Jewelry: Friend or Foe

I love jewelry. The first thing I locked my gaze on when I was born were probably my mother's earrings. Forget being fed. I needed bling. Well today brought home the wonders of wearing a diamond ring. This particular ring is my engagement ring, purchased many years ago when Joe and I were just out of college. Money was tight but we didn't need a high-powered microscope to see it. Only a magnifying glass.

Today I started my yearly spring clean-up-the-ol'-body routine and did ten crunches. Or tried to. Before the first crunch could even dent my tummy, my diamond ring cut into my hand that was under my head on the floor. It drew blood. That drop of red stopped me cold and I had to sit on the recliner for an hour, watching TV. With a large chocolate chip cookie for comfort.

That little encounter with my jewelry had me thinking: all those years and I had not a clue that every day I wielded the equivalent of brass knuckles. Watch out, anyone who wants my purse! My diamond might not knock your socks off, but it will knock out a tooth. Or at least put a permanent dimple in your chin.

Yet, as I said, there's the down side. I cut my hand with my own jewelry. And did you ever open a hot oven, bending down to admire the roast turkey, and your metal earrings got so hot they burned your ears? My ears are done before the meat is even brown.

I still love jewelry. But after today, I have a new respect for the toughness of diamonds, and now see how it really could be a girl's best friend.


  1. I love jewelry too...especially diamonds! My mom is weird and doesn't like diamonds for some reason. But me? Oh man...gimme more! I want to cut MY hand on my diamonds!

  2. I've had more than one ring that I'd occasionally look down at only to think, "Wow, I could do some serious damage in cat fight with this thing on."

    Pure speculation since I'm more flight than fight.

  3. Look out! Anne's a tough one. ;)

  4. Fun stuff, Stormie! I love my bling, too. But just a word to the wise about using it for brass knuckles...

    I got to accompany my son two weeks ago when shopping for his fiancee's engagement ring. When pointing out my setting to the jeweler, he noted that not only was one prong tip completely gone, the other five were paper thin. One brass-knuckle punch, and I'd have been out a diamond. I took it off for the first time in 30 years *sob* and left it to get a new setting put on.

    And now I've got that brass-knuckle confidence back again. ;)

  5. Stormie: You did the right thing to rest and eat a cookie after an ordeal like that! Crunches should be outlawed, anyway. I'm so glad your ring saved you from all that self-torture.

    Here's to bling! *toasting with cookies*

  6. Great stuff! This made me think of the scene in 'True Lies' when the wife turns her ring around and slaps the bad girl. Jewelry as spy tool...can't beat it!


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