Extreme Anthropamorphizing

by Melanie Hooyenga

I'm a normal person.

Perfectly sane.

So it was a complete surprise when I looked around and realized that I'd created an email account, a blog, and now a Facebook fan page for… my dog.

It all started innocently enough. I first brought Owen home a little over a year ago, and as I was living out of the country, I filled my Facebook page with his adorable mug. Eight months later I moved back to the US and had a brilliant idea: why not start a blog for him? He'd developed quite a following and I could hide behind the old "it's a creative writing exercise" for anyone who questioned my sanity.

I logged into Blogger and quickly discovered a problem. In order for the blog to appear to be hosted by my dog, he needed his own Google account. As in email. I checked over my shoulder to make sure the neighbors weren't filming me, then quickly punched in a user name.

Well that's not too crazy.

Another six months passed. Owen had a couple dozen blog followers and countless adorers on Facebook when I picked up on a new trend: Facebook accounts for pets.

"I'm not THAT obsessed with my dog," I muttered. (Shut up, all of you.) "I realize he's not a person."

I hemmed and hawed for a day or so, then finally decided that a fan page would be the perfect solution. I already manage a couple for work and know the ins and outs fairly well, so what's one more?

Don't worry. I've already staged an intervention with myself and I'm halfway through the Dog Whisperer's first book. Maybe there's hope for Owen—I mean me—yet.

Melanie Hooyenga is a graphic designer by day and novel-editing, query-wrangling fool by night. She's currently putting the final touches on her second novel and plans to release it to the wild--er, agents--this fall.

You can read more about Melanie on her blog, Hoosblog (gesundheit) at melanieavila.wordpress.com. Owen stays in his corner (most days) at owenavila.blogspot.com.


  1. I love it - a dog with followers! Our son's beagle had followers, too...right around the big red barn in a mad dash with Copper threading his way through the thicket of flashing legs. We called it the Schrock Olympics with brothers and cousins trying to outrun Son Two and Copper. His leash would generally trip a few would-be Olympians, and they would sprawl, dash, and scramble across the finish line. Great entertainment!

  2. Hehe! I remember when you first found him and his little siblings in the vet's office in Mexico. I'd say he is one very lucky pup to have such a loving owner! :)

  3. You mean Owen doesn't do his own writing?

    I'm crushed. :(

  4. Owen totally does his own writing! He has't posted much lately because he misses my parents...

    JLC, he was so TEENY!

  5. I'm a dedicated Owen fan. He's a very talented fella. After all, Hemingway had his cats, but all Owen needs is himself.

  6. You're awesome(ly crazy), and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. ;-)


    PS - "The Misadventures of Poppy Puppy" by Adam Slade has a ring to it...

  7. I sometimes wonder, usually when I'm out in the back yard scooping dog poop, if the dog isn't the sanest person at my house.

  8. Ooh, this gives me an idea for my cats! Thanks, Owen, um, Melanie.

  9. Don't listen to her. I totally do my own writing. Adam, you tell Poppy to start blogging! And Jeanette, tell your cats to call me. I've got great blogging advice.

  10. Since I have yet to see a picture of Owen in full Renaissance costume or a buzzy bee outfit, I have to say that you're completely fine. The only real worry you should have is if someone sends Owen his own credit card. ;)


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