Did They Say That?!

Okay, this is going to be an interactive post (yep, "interactive" not "inactive" ;) ). How many have either given or been the recipient of verbal gaffes? I've done both, many times. I've overheard many, too, and try so hard not to laugh out loud and mortify the recipient. There's the saying, If you want the truth, ask a child. I can amend that by saying, "If you want the truth, ask a child--or me." So here, in no particular order, are some humdingers, given, received, or overheard:

Adult male to woman wearing a ski cap: "Wow, you look great, like you had a face lift."

Male adult to woman with a slight tummy: "Do you have a hernia or something?"

One woman to another: "When's the baby due?" (Leave it to those empire waist tops)

Child to another child: "Your grandfather really is good at running!" (It was the child's uncle.)

Young woman to a slightly older woman: "So, what hair dye do you use?" (It was the woman's natural color.)

Okay, your turn!


  1. Oh, joy. My boys had plenty. My favorite (being interactive here) happened when I was at least 43 1/2 months pregnant with my second son. Older son, then 2 years old, used to pat me on the belly and say, "Baby, baby, baby." So older son and I were in the grocery store. He sat in the buggy while I pushed him around. Out of nowhere, a rather large woman came down the aisle. He reached out and patted HER on the belly. Before I could stop him, he said, "Baby, baby, baby."

    Yeah. I almost went into labor from laughing once she (quickly) left the aisle.

  2. I'll let you use your imagination about the time my mother received a remote control, vibrating chair massager for Christmas. Completely naive about what she was saying, she referred to it as something BESIDES a massager (let's leave it at that) over and over and OVER. That was an interesting Christmas. The whole family was there. None of us have been right in the head since.

  3. I (of course it was me, Stormie. My foot's been in my mouth so long I've qualified for a marathon around my tongue) planned to take breakfast to my boss for boss's day long ago when I was still nice. I couldn't decide between biscuits or doughnuts. That morning,I asked my husband, "Honey if you were a man, what would you want for breakfast?"

    I won't even discuss his reply.

  4. Carole and Amy--thanks for the morning laugh! :)

  5. Oh, Amy. Dear sweet Amy. You should have said, "Honey, if you were my boss, . . ." That would have initiated some pretty lively conversation in MY house! LOL!!

    Carole, who never misses the opportunity to challenge who wears the pants in the family, even when she has to look straight up to do it!

  6. Anne, your post brought back a lot of memories. Hilarious, if only in retrospect, memories.

  7. I totally have foot in mouth syndrome. My good friend found out her husband cheated on her via facebook. Her husband is 42, and pulls coffee 15 hours a week... and slightly overweight. A few weeks after the fact we were talking in my kitchen and she was talking about all the women who were now interested in him since his separation. I said, "Really??? Why??".

    I am glad she is still my friend!

  8. Carole, probably ANT other way to ask that question would have been better. But nooooo, I'm the headliner in that saying "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread." Ummm, I'm not the angel.

  9. Okay, I also have trouble with my internal spellcheck. I meant ANY. Not ANT. ANT doesn't make ANY sense. Not an unusual occurrence for me.

  10. Right. So would you like to know how blonde I am? I read, re-read and then read again and again trying to figure out what ANT was. Maybe initials? Maybe secret code? I defiantly refused to look down to your next post. Because I'm smart like that.

  11. *raises hand* Yep. Me too and I'm a redhead. Please note that I am your editor before making disparaging comments. :snicker:

  12. *snorts and giggles with Carole and rolls eyes toward editor*

    But, well, I do the same thing when I come across something like that. *hates confession*


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