Fall in, Ermas! Welcome to our new troops

The jello recipes are what clinched it. A whole flood of votes came in at the last minute to stretch these two past the finish line.

We'd like to welcome Terri Coop and Sarah Garb to the ranks of An Army of Ermas!

Thank you to all who entered, it was a very close contest. There will be more in the future so please keep us in mind when the funny strikes.  :)


  1. Good luck, you two! I look forward to reading about your lives.

  2. Thanks! I assume that now that I'm an Erma, funny things will happen to me more frequently ;)

  3. Congrats and welcome, Terri and Sarah--great job!
    Sarah, becuase you are an Erma now, YOU make the mundane funny; that's how that works. I'd say you're already adept at it.

  4. I am still in shock and so happy that I think I squeed myself.

    I have my duffle bag packed for Erma boot camp and with this heat am more than ready for my buzz cut.

    WTG Sarah, it'll be nice to have another noob along for the ride!


  5. Yea Terri! I voted for you (#1Lisa)

    At least *I think* I did - Blogger HATES me. Hate, hates, hatey-hate hates.

    We'll be lurking ya!

  6. Sarah and Terri, I am late to the party. SO sorry. Welcome, welcome WELCOME to this happy, totally normal, completely rational, stunningly perfect collection of nuts! We heart you and we're glad you joined our ranks!!

    (Now we have more brain power to help devise torturous, evil pranks for our Fearless Leader! The secret clubhouse is around back. Shhhh!)


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