Just Remember: M-M-M

By Terri Coop
There, you now know how to make the world's easiest and tastiest dessert. You are now popular and in demand at every potluck and picnic. People think you are brilliant. You are thanking me.
What? You want more? Yeesh . . .
Okay, here is my recipe for Oreo (circle R trademark thingy) Truffles. No cooking or skill necessary.
The Ingredients:
1 bag of Oreos (keep sealed until you are ready, soggy cookies make for soggy truffles)
1 block of cream cheese (real cream cheese, not that weenie low-fat stuff)
You got that? Do you need a minute? The cool thing is the cookie-cream cheese ratio is constant. One Bag = One Block. Want to eat half the cookies and still have a platter for the office potluck? One-Half Bag = One-Half Block.
The Steps:
1. Mash the cookies into fine fluffy flour. I use a 2-cup food processor. You can also use a blender or a hammer if you have a lot of anger issues.
2. Gradually mush the cream cheese into the cookie flour. No utensils allowed. Pin back your hair and roll up your sleeves (and scratch your nose first, trust me on this one). Add the cream cheese bit by bit until you have a ball of firm dough that is shiny and slightly oily to the touch. Refrigerate for 30 minutes while you are cleaning cookie dough from under your nails (by the way, cream cheese is an excellent moisturizer).
3. Mold the dough into any shape you please. A melon baller works great, or just roll it into balls. Silicone molds, cookie cutters, whatever you want. Refrigerate for another 30 minutes.
4. Bonus step! Your truffles are now officially awesome. However, you can dip them in tasty stuff like melted chocolate chips, almond bark, dark chocolate, vanilla . . . you name it. If it is dippy, go for it. And sprinkles. Everything is better with sprinkles. Put a lollipop stick in it and everyone will think you are Martha-freaking-Stewart.   
Terri Lynn Coop is not a half-bad cook, but is a terrible baker. She was hesitant to give up her secret recipe that has rescued her from potluck embarrassment, but she does believe in sharing the wealth. She lives in Kansas with her two Chihuahuas. 

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