Tastes So Good When It Touches the Lips

Some call it the nectar of the gods. Others a delicious snack for in between meals. Me? I believe Nutella deserves a place in the food chain sandwiched between my daily servings of bread and fruit.

I first encountered Nutella when I lived in Chicago, where a small plastic bag greeted me one evening from my doorknob. I carried it inside and tossed it on the table, not giving it another thought until the snack-bug bit after dinner. Curious, I dumped the contents on the coffee table.

I had no idea my life was about to change.

The marketing geniuses who spread Nutella throughout my neighborhood had considerately included a small packet of crackers, with which we were to eat the hazelnut and chocolatey goodness. My ex and I devoured the sample in under a minute, then our eyes drifted to the front door.

"I'll go."

I tip-toed down the stairs to the entrance, cracked the front door, and ever-so-slowly removed the sample from my neighbor's front door. But alas, that sample vanished as quickly as the first. To make a short story shorter, no one else on my block tasted Nutella that evening.
Since then I've discovered a multitude of foods that are vastly improved with a dollop of Nutella, from fruits like bananas and apples, to the less obvious pretzels and Nutter Butters. But my favorite?

A good old-fashioned spoon.

The label is deceptively simple, but I believe that works in my favor. If everyone knew about the wonderfulness of Nutella, there wouldn't be enough to go around.

Melanie Hooyenga is a graphic designer by day AND night (freelance has taken over!) and squeaks out bits of writing between trips to the Nutella cupboard. She recently bought her first home and is chronicling her adventures in first-time home-ownership at melaniehoo.com/hoosblog. You can also follow her randomness at @melaniehoo.


  1. Nutella thief. I like it! You may be ready for Trader Joe's Cookie Butter, Melanie. Take it slow.

  2. *packs up Nutella bought by mistake...mails it to Hooey*

  3. The thought of you as a Nutella cat burglar required a thorough screen cleaning.

  4. Haggis, you don't need to mail it. Just leave it on your doorstep.

  5. I've never tried this product but now I think I will!

  6. Oh, man. I love this stuff too! My hips don't like it quite as much, but I ignore them. They think they can throw their weight around, but Nutella always wins out. ;-)


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